Our Team

We've all worked with each other for years, clearly a sign that we all love our jobs at Tomo!
We're essentially like one big family, we love to share celebrations with each other, sharing good food, drinks and going out together. We are so lucky that we are all driven in the same direction and share determination to be as good at what we do as we can be. It's not just a job for us, we truly enjoy what we do. We share a passion for great food, and for making your visit to Tomo at positive experience as possible. 

Between us we have over 70 years’ experience!
Betty - Has bundles of energy, is polite, positive and will always greet you with a genuine smile on her face. Never one to shy away toughest task. Superhuman and an absolute pleasure to be around. A mum to two young children…… likes to read, eat salads and go on holidays!
Francesca - Born in Rome, girl scout and food enthusiast. No task is to difficult for this young lady. Extremely experienced, highly professional but very gentle and friendly at the same time.
She is such a sweetheart and always pleasure to be around.
Andrea - Relentless, talented and extremely consistent, with amazing attention to detail. Our very own SuperChef! Born in Sardinia. Educated in highly respected cookery school in Sardinia
Enap Scuola Slberghiera Ponziano. Football fan with a wicked sense of humour.
Sabrina - Great professional with vast experience has a great organisational skills and incredible thirst for expanding her knowledge. Gentle, helpful with kind personality and great fun to work with.

Ewa - The one that started it all! Vastly experienced, highly skillful in front of the house, and running all aspects of the restaurant. She's the wise and steadfast one of the whole bunch. Devoted mother, fitness fanatic and vegetarian.
Elisabetta - Very focused, professional and well organized young lady. Quirky personality, good dry sense of humor and very clued up for her young age. Loves traveling, good food and sweets.

Adam - Tomo’s manager, buyer and go-to guy. Makes sure everyone is given tools, ingredients and the freedom necessary to express their skills. Father of two and jazz enthusiast.
Member of API, trained by Pizza World Championship winner and acomplished chef.