Our Food

We take great care in choosing what ingredients we use. In accordance with our ethos, we'll only ever use ingredients that we'd use for ourselves and for our children. We do our utmost to make sure that we avoid unnecessary chemicals, additives, GM foods, trans fats etc.
FISH - Sourcing & sustainability. We are totally committed to responsible sourcing and supply of the best of the world’s catch from well-managed and sustainable fisheries. Our fish supplier sources products within UK and International regulatory guidelines, whilst maintaining commitment to actively promote greater variety and under-utilised species. All our fish is fully traceable and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified.

SALUMI & CHEESE - Here at Tomo we are extremely passionate about this very important part of Italian tradition. We took the time to hand-pick all the cured meats and cheeses that you see on our menu to make sure that they were of the highest quality. Most importantly we have each any every one of them imported straight from Italy.

FRESH ITALIAN SAUSAGE - Our sausage is hand made using absolutely no artificial ingredients, only free range pork. It is so good that we feel bad for vegetarians.

PIZZA FLOUR - All of us at Tomo are genuine pizza fans/freaks. So instead of making our life easier and just using one of the flours widely available on the market, we decided that we would go on a quest to serve our (equally passionate) customers, what we would like to describe as the perfect pizza base. After years of research, and sometimes weird experiments, we have found the superb mixture of three flours that combine to make the ultimate dough. It is hugely time and effort consuming process but well worth it. All of our flours are imported to us weekly from Italy.

MEAT - All of our meats are fully traceable to conform to all food safety and traceability legislation, peace of mind for all of our customers.

FRUIT & VEG - We buy all our fruit & veg locally to ensure the quality and freshness. 

EGGS - Always free range British eggs.

DESSERTS - All our desserts (including the scrumptious ice-cream) are homemade.



FOOD PACKAGING - All our take away food containers are biodegradable/compostable and bags made from recycled paper.

STATIONARY - All our stationary is made using recycled paper.

MICROWAVE -  There is NO microwave in our kitchen.